Thursday, September 2, 2010

Swan Energy Inc. Seems To Be Heartland Energy Development Corporation

It has been awhile since I have seen anything new on Heartland Energy Development Corporation; however, it has been fascinating to see just how interlinked Swan Energy Inc and Heartland Energy Development Corporation really are. I have cited in previous posts how Swan Energy Inc. has maintained many of the former principals and sales staff that was previously at Heartland Energy Development Corporation. I have also pointed out how several state security agencies have accused Heartland Energy Development Corporation of being a boiler room operation. With that being the case, I believe that it will only be a matter of time before Swan Energy Inc. will receive their first cease and desist. I am in high hopes that some of the investors or "joint venture" holders of Swan Energy Inc will come forward and post their experience with Swan Energy Inc.

As of late one of the most interesting things I have found was on Google. By simply searching for "Heartland Energy Development Corporation" these are the results I found:

Swan Energy Inc.

You can view a larger image of that screenshot by clicking on the image. If you will review the listings here, you will notice that the 2nd is titled Swan Energy, inc. The website that the title represents is for Heartland Energy Development Corporation as the domain there is The full URL is

Here is my question.... why would Swan Energy, Inc. even have this website up any longer. After all they have taken over Heartland Energy Development Corporation, right? Better yet, why are they titling a website for Heartland Energy Development Corporation with their company name? In my honest opinion, this was an oversight during the "merger" which never really happened. Again it is my opinion that Swan Energy Inc. has been developed so that Heartland Energy Development Corporation will not have to deal with the repercussion of their negative press. For every negative article about Heartland Energy Development Corporation or Swan Energy Inc, there is another investor or "Joint Venture" partner that will not invest money. This of course would have a negative effect on John Schiffner taking out Jessica Biel on a date (more about this in future posts).

Still looks and seems fishy. If Swan Energy would care to comment, I welcome their comments and emails as it would be more helpful hearing directly from the company. My email address is and I am glad to publish any comments you have!

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